An instrument exquisitely designed to enhance the world around you. Our name XOR is taken from computer programming and is a basic logic function that operates on a true or false basis and an algorithm that adds randomness into data. Our XOR Shield Knot which is at the heart of our business represents an ancient symbol of guaranteed protection.

The Shield Logo

The XOR logo - the Shield Knot - illustrates our emphasis on security. The symbol has been used for thousands of years by a variety of cultures to denote protection and warding.


XOR is born from an obsession for design and perfection, where impeccable crafting, beautiful design, innovative engineering and need for true protection have created communication instruments for a new generation of user.


XOR is designed with all aspects of safety in mind, beyond the robust materials. We aim to curate and preserve the intimate relationship people have with their communications device. The safe companion that I can always trust XOR guarantees privacy and safety. We want to create a world that is safe and not only protects individuals, but also families, and business conversations.


Organic geometry is our underlying design philosophy. The handset’s form is defined by the fluid surfaces and the edges that are created edges at their intersections. The technical, geometric elements encounter the form do so proudly and honestly, in a considered fusion.


This organic movement is captured in the titanium sides of the phone. The lower half is deliberately sculpted to the palm enabling the natural folding over of the fingers. The upper half transitions to a concave form that makes a natural home for the thumb and index finger, guiding them to keys that are protected in the deepest part.


We understand that intelligence is not just about the engineering and design of our handsets but what they represent. Intelligence of the people who use them and of the world they populate. Intelligence of the way they are used.


XOR handsets are fitted with active noise cancellation technology so that background noises are filtered out. The call volume is automatically adjusted based on surrounding noise levels to deliver precision quality for every call.


Protecting your health and well-being is as important as safeguarding your data. Every XOR handset has an in-built indoor air quality meter to inform you of any pollutants that surround you.


Unique, and created by multi award-winning recording artist, composer and producer, Mark Sayfritz, the designer ringtone delivers atmospheric ringtones for your calls which subtly indicate the secure or otherwise nature of the any call or text you receive.